Stillpoints Ultra SS V2 Footer

Stillpoints Ultra SS V2 Footer

Stillpoints Ultra Footers are the state-of-the-art and most sophisticated vibration control devices ever designed.

Stillpoints Ultra SS Footers (shown at right with optional Base) will support the weight of virtually any component or speaker you own. While they might seem expensive, once you hear what they do for the sound of your system we know you'll be impressed.

Stillpoints produce consistent improvements in clarity, natural image size and tonal colour, all without tipping the frequency balance of your system. You'll hear your music more and your system less, regardless of the performance level of your components and rack.

“With the Stillpoints Ultras, the soundstage opened up with greater width, depth, and bloom around images…Stillpoints made the background 'blacker' and quieter, allowing greater clarity and resolution…not inexpensive, but in the context of a high-end system, they provide a huge sonic return on the investment!”
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, December 2011
Read the entire review here

Height: 38-46mm
Diameter: 32-34mm

Price is for one Ultra SS V2 Footer.

Free shipping within Australia

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