TELOS Gold Reference Mk II - 1.0m / RCA or XLR

TELOS Gold Reference Mk II - 1.0m / RCA or XLR

The all new Gold Reference MKII is equipped with Far Infrared Technology

1. Far Infrared is an electromagnetic radiation of 4 – 400 micrometers wavelength;it is widely used in medical treatment as the wavelength is very close to human body's radiation wavelength.Far Infrared is a form of photon and does not carry any electrical charge. In particle physics, photon is an elementary particle which could influence other particles.

It was observed that shining a light on certain metals would lead to electric current in a circuit. Hypothetically, certain resonance frequency could be observed as quantum mechanics postulates that all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties.Under the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, FTIR test, nano minerals exhibit specific absorption characteristics towards far infrared wavelength.

Therefore, we could derive that nano minerals possess far infrared "energy storage" capacity. With the addition of nano minerals into the cable making process, we could definitely equip our products with excellent far infrared characteristics (radiation rate greater than 0.8).

In the brand new Gold Reference MKII series, we at TELOS have innovatively mixed nano minerals into our insulation layers. Through strenuous testing, we have found the magic proportion of nano minerals to be added, making the "influence" all positive to us. As a result, we are able to improve the transmission efficiency through energy particle radiation, and from the resulting resonance characteristics, enhance the sound with elegant golden tones.

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2. The all new Gold Reference MKII is made with new conductor configurations to meet the new generation of sound requirements.The individual conductor dimensions and configurations have been totally reengineered, this has increased the cross-sectional area from 4 mm2 in the previous generation to 5.2 mm2.By redistributing the conductors and braiding ratio, the highs becomes even more refined and fluid. At the same time, elevating the richness in the mids and further extending the lows.

3. The all new Gold Reference MKII comes with the latest gold plated resonance control sound enhancement ring.With the latest dimension recalculated from ground up, the weight distribution has been greatly improved.With the new ring, the golden tonality unique to TELOS has been further enhanced. Thus, bringing cleaner textures, blacker background and more dimensional imaging.

4. Run in using specially designed TELOS OBT cable run-in machine.

The signal has been improved from the first generation of 20 Hz – 20 KHz to the latest 0 Hz – 50 KHz run-in bandwidth.

The run-in time has also been increased from 12 hours in the first generation to the current 24 hours.The moment the cables are plugged in, the brand new Gold Reference MKII is able to reach peak performance almost instantaneously.

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