TELOS Graphene Stickers (sheet of 20)

TELOS Graphene Stickers (sheet of 20)

TELOS' new Graphene Stickers complement their existing Red and Blue Stickers and utilize the world's darkest material to absorb even more unwanted micro-vibrations

Expect to hear a much quieter background from which more musical information is revealed.

Manufacturer's description:

Graphene Quantum Sticker

Introducing the Graphene Quantum Sticker imported with high-tech military grade graphene elements

Coordinated another 11 kinds of scientific and technological elements:
yttrium oxide / oxide / lanthanum oxide / dysprosium oxide / four rare earth elements /
Titanium Dioxide / Silicon Dioxide / Phosphorus Pentoxide / Calcium Oxide / Zirconia / Alumina Six Far Infrared Elements into the new tune stickers

The TELOS team found that graphene is the world's best conductive material in which the velocity of electrons reaches 1/300 of the speed of light, far exceeding the speed of movement of electrons in general conductors. It is expected to be used to replace silicon, becoming the thinnest, more conductive new generation of electronic components or transistors. Graphene has the world's highest heat dissipation coefficient (5300W / mk), nearly 14 times the copper, 3.5 times the graphite.

Therefore, graphene (reduced graphene oxide) is considered suitable for solving current problems with LED lighting and many consumer electronics devices such as smart phones, computer overheating.

Graphene can replace ITO as a transparent conductive material (flexible electrode), can be applied to the touch panel, solar cells, transparent, high-conductivity, high toughness (tensile 20% still not broken), conductive film and OLED panel."

In use:

We suggest you to use the stickers on the connecter of output side.
For example, from the CD Transport or Music server.
Both Analog and Digital are okay.
Please see the examples below.

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