Telos Macro G (Active Grounding Noise Reducer)

Telos Macro G (Active Grounding Noise Reducer)

Telos Macro Grounding Noise Reducer (Macro G)

Affordable grounding for digital equipment with USB Type A, HDMI or RJ45 interface

Employing the same logic chip as the TELOS Grounding Noise Reducer (GNR) and GNR Mini, the all new Macro G is an active grounding component that accommodates two sets of USB Type A mounts to enable connection of two components with a USB interface.

Connect to laptop, server, network switch or router for an outstanding improvement in sound.

So what can I expect to hear with the Telos Macro G connected?
By reducing noise through effective grounding you can expect to hear:
- A blacker, quieter background
- A more analogue presentation with reduced digital glare
- More musical detail
- A deeper and wider soundstage with greater focus and imaging
- More ‘air’ around instruments and vocals
- Improved dynamics

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Read the TELOS Macro G Brochure here:
Macro G- Introduction-1 (1).pdf

The Macro G is supplied with a two-pin (Figure 8) power cable and 2 directional USB Cables.

Please select either:
- HDMI or
- RJ45 from the Option Box.

Free shipping within Australia.

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