Now available with optional HDMI Cable The TELOS MACRO QUANTUM USB (Macro Q) is an active noise canceler that utilizes a circuit to detect noise and then correct it, ensuring the integrity and purity of the music signal

The development of USB transmission was designed for connecting computer peripherals, not for the transport of a music signal in an audio system. Frequently, it adds the computer’s high-frequency AC power noise.
Although the data could be corrected by buffering and Asynchronous Transmission, the jitter of the bottom layer’s physical signal is still very high. It’s a long way from the real jitter-free situation.

Here are two keys:
1. It adds a computer’s high-frequency AC power noise, interfering with the device’s digital signal and even the analogue signal after a DAC.
2. If the bottom layer’s level of Jitter is too high, it can’t output the original signal ‘bit perfect’.

TELOS MACRO QUANTUM USB active noise cancelling works just like a DV Triaxial Stabilizer of USB. Using a detection circuit to detect noise and sending a compensating correction signal, it offsets irregular noise synchronously, therefore offering a relatively stable USB transmission channel to offset the signal traction caused by noise.
The TELOS Engineering Team uses two special ICs to detect and compensate. When a MACRO Q is plugged into a digital system, it connects with the USB channel immediately, allowing the special IC to detect random noise and make a dynamic noise trap, achieving the purity of the real transmission signal along the length of the signal’s path.
As a result, MACRO Q will maintain synchronized precision for holding the signal transmission’s high quality.

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Suitable for use with digital components having a powered Type A USB socket and now also suitable for HDMI connection with the optional cable. The HDMI Cable is an extra $20.00.

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