TELOS Quantum X2 Audiophile Fuse (6.3x32mm)

TELOS Quantum X2 Audiophile Fuse (6.3x32mm)

The better audiophile fuse just got way better...astonishing performance!

With Quantum X2, you are able to hear extreme music resolution and livelier music atmosphere with a darker music background.

Expect greater bandwidth and finer details. Telos design and research team rolls out a new process to produce Quantum X2. The new Quantum X2 will enable you to experience an improvement to sonic performance compared to conventional fuses. It allows you to enjoy the correct and precise characteristic of your equipment with finer details and enriched musical emotions. With Quantum X2, it will unleash the full potential of your equipment.

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The process of producing Quantum X2 fuses is very important and every step cannot be disregarded. Every Quantum X2 fuse undergoes:
-196ºC cryo process to achieve maximum stress relief of the highest requirement caused by soldering and molecular sequence alloy conductor distribution during production of fuse. Quantum X2 fuses are cryoed twice at -196ºC under precise controlled environment (with a resting period of 12 hours in between).

The Quantum X2 are all run in using Telos 3rd generation Quantum Burning Technology (QBT) which has a frequency response of 0-100khz. The Quantum X2 fuses are run in with 27V, 0.8A, 70 watts power module continuously at broadband width signals to optimize its fuse conductor. This process enables stability in transmission of power.

Image shows installation of Quantum X2 Fuse and Quantum Stickers

Telos Quantum X2 also uses the in-house developed special red stickers. Every Quantum X2 red sticker contains patented formula infra-red powder (which undergoes 36 hours of cryogenic process at -196oC), patented formula negative ion powder, titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, silica wafer insulation coating material, pentoxide antistatic agent material, calcium oxide CAO desiccant material, zironia filter material and alumina structural ceramic material. Official test reports from SGS proves that Quantum X2 exclusive formula is not harmful to humans as it is unleaded and free from highly polluted elements.

In conclusion, Quantum X2 possesses the most exclusive scientific formula from TELOS and has the highest dynamic contrast amongst TELOS products. It has 50% larger dynamic bandwidth than current QBT-18 fuses and also incorporates specially formulated far-infrared, anion powder and physical elements. With Quantum X2, you are able to hear extreme music resolution and livelier music atmosphere with a darker music background. Be it the source, preamp or power amplifier, the performance will be enhanced to a level you could never have imagined.

Please Note:
Telos Quantum X2 fuses are directional. If, after installing a Quantum X2 fuse you don't hear an immediate and substantial improvement in sound quality, turn the fuse 180 degrees.

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