TELOS Quantum X2 Stickers (sheet of 20)

TELOS Quantum X2 Stickers (sheet of 20)

"If I had found these things years ago I would have saved a lot of money. I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before!

The application of Quantum Stickers improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics and musical fidelity...really.

Jeff Lin is the operator and owner of TELOS Quantum technique. Jeff’s innovative use of unique technique in the world of Hifi is due to his vast experience and knowledge in electronic products. In recent years, he has developed a series of phase recovery electronic circuits and grounding arithmetical operations; always having inspiration of the latest trend in technology.

Each and every of his creation took years to research and develop, hence all TELOS products are of the highest quality and precision. The all new TELOS Quantum X2 technique in recent years has been implemented in every TELOS product.

TELOS have vast experiences in Hifi tuning and have undergone several iterations to perfect the Quantum X2 material formula.

Ever since 2012, TELOS have started applying Quantum X2 formula onto the cable insulation of the Gold Reference Mk2 cables and have achieved good market response and consumers’ feedback. Since then the Quantum X2 technique usage had been expanded. In 2014, the Quantum X2 formula have been applied to PVC; molded through injection molding, it was applied onto TELOS most saleable Protective Caps, thus creating the 2nd generation caps named the Quantum Caps. Again, this was well received from audiophiles throughout the world. After 2014, Quantum X2 technique have been applied throughout TELOS hot selling products such as Quantum Noise Resonator (QNR), Mini Q, Ground Noise Resonator (GNR) and Quantum Magnetic Technology device which is currently still in the design phase.

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Image shows installation of Quantum X2 Fuse and Quantum Stickers

At present, all TELOS electronic product have been integrated with Quantum X2 technique; on printed circuits boards’ insulation, electronic parts to eliminate electrostatic discharge and improve on the components’ efficiency and overall Hifi system performance.
All Quantum Stickers product is suitable for all audio system and can be easily applied. By applying the Quantum Stickers at cable interconnect sections, IC chips, capacitors and resistors, this quickly allows worldwide audiophiles and music lovers to experience the advantage of Hifi tuning with ease. Comparing the Quantum X2 with the current tuning products available on the market, Quantum X2 can easily improve your Hifi and home theatre system, helping them reached their optimal performance.

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Telos Quantum X2 Technique uses far-infrared element, anion ore which includes chemical and physical elements combined formula. Quantum X2 material formula was initially used for medical purposes and in manufacturing of semi conductor. This was then channeled into TELOS product design after Jeff Lin’s years of experimentation and manufacturing of products.
From the mass amount of Quantum X2 users’ experiences on their Hifi system feedbacks gathered; “the cleanliness and transparency of the signals have immediately achieve a big difference”. This is because any audio system which uses electricity are affected by electrostatic charge and the traditional methods for removing electrostatic charge were electrical grounding route planning with positive and negative ions generator and adverse electrostatic charge; an example will be static fan and negative ion generator.

Quantum X2 products actively produce energy to stimulate the electronic components. Once powered up, Quantum X2 resonance will be delivered to the rest of the audio equipment via current and optimizes the entire audio system’s electron and proton characteristic. Every Quantum X2 applied on the signal transmission path of audio equipment and cables produces 75cpm of far-infrared radiation and high density negative ions to further eliminate electrostatic charge within the audio equipment. The far-infrared and negative ions energy spread throughout the entire system via the signal transmission path improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics and musical fidelity.

Every Quantum X2 sticker contains patented formula infra-red powder (which undergoes 36 hours of cryogenic process at -196oC), patented formula negative ion powder, titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, silica wafer insulation coating material, pentoxide antistatic agent material, calcium oxide CAO desiccant material, zironia filter material and alumina structural ceramic material.
Official test reports from SGS proves that Quantum X2 exclusive formula is not harmful to humans as it is unleaded and free from highly polluted elements.

So what are people saying about them?

"Wow! Wow! Wow!…felt like I had another 2 Torus subs thrown into the room. Bass has so much air and smoothness…not even a hint of harshness. Sound stage, clarity and imaging is indescribable. Sooo much more depth, height and width…and I’m only up to the transport!
I have not heard music like this with all the $100k upgrades, compared to this level of improvement. I would go so far as saying quite content to listen to CD now as much as vinyl!
Last word…unreal!"

- D.P. Victoria (Quantum X2 Fuses and Quantum Stickers)

"Peter, I can’t believe what I’m hearing! This is incredible!"
- G.C. Tasmania (Quantum Stickers)

"This is insane! I can’t think of any logical reason why these stickers should do what they do…but they’re doing it anyway…and how! This is the best, most cost-effective upgrade I have ever tried...and that's over 40 years in audio! If this is audio voodoo, give me more of it!"
- P.S. Victoria (Quantum X2 Fuses and Quantum Stickers)

"This sceptic is well and truly convinced…I’ve gone dotty!"
- B.L. Victoria (Quantum X2 Fuses and Quantum Stickers)

"If I had found these things years ago I would have saved a lot of money. I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before!
The ambiance, the imaging, the voice, the definition…amazing!
The noise floor dropped dramatically! I can hear everything! The best upgrade in audio!"

- P.W. NSW (Quantum X2 Fuses and Quantum Stickers)

"I have never heard anything like this…anywhere!"
- D.L. NSW (Quantum X2 Fuses and Quantum Stickers)

Dear Peter,
The saga of the Telos products continues to provide fresh insights. The other day, as I have already told you, I accidentally damaged my superb Cary AE-3 preamp; when I opened up the case to see if repairs could be made, I discovered several Telos stickers on capacitors and resistors.
Like the medieval ruler Baldwin I, who, when told he was king of Jerusalem on his brother Godfrey's death, was recorded as "grieving somewhat at his brother's death, but rejoicing much more over the inheritance", I immediately liberated the Telos stickers and began to use them on the large ER Audio Acorn speaker. Two large red stickers found their home on the speaker terminals; two others were placed immediately under the - terminals of the mid range and treble panels. I stood back and listened.
The difference was breathtaking; the moderate bass was replaced by a solid and palpable dynamic solidity which you find with good dynamic coil drivers; remember that the bass panels had not (yet) been altered. Four large red stickers. Total cost? Don't ask. Does this happen all the time? No. Usually there his an increase in midrange, what used to be called 'presence' in the golden age of hi-fi, fifty years ago. However, once or twice, the impossible has happened: the component begins to punch well above its weight. In economics or stockbroking, they have a word for it: leverage.
Telos stickers, in my experience, need to be used empirically, that is, they have a subtly different effect on different components. This applies to different placement within that unit. My friend Ray, who has been thinking about this, told me yesterday that he things of the Telos stickers as catalysts: that is, an agent when applied to inert materials, liberates energy or initiates reactions which would not otherwise take place. There is something in this. It is liberating capabilities in my system which I scarcely believed possible. For this, and for what is yet to come, I am truly grateful.

- E. B. - QLD

Also available in 6mm square stickers - $260/box of 20 pcs.

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