Tidal Intra Stereo Amplifier

Tidal Intra Stereo Amplifier

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An ultra-high-end stereo amplifier now in a smaller chassis

The TIDAL Intra results from the uncompromising implementation of our most basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without adding any sonic colour or concealing even the smallest of details. It is the successor of our award winning and worldwide praised TIDAL Impulse. With it we managed to offer TIDAL amplification in the same cabinet size such as the Prisma and Camira.
What might look at a first view as multi-channel purpose amplifier - is more than that. The TIDAL Intra is first and above all a high end stereo power amplifier. It contains two physically divided stereo modules inside, built like a dual mono power amplifier.

For true stereo power amplification one is using one channel per module per speaker side. Then each main power supply for each module takes care of only one channel - for ultimate sound. The options on top of that are built inside already: one could also connect also with two channels per speakers for passive or active bi-amping. Or one does integrate the TIDAL Intra into a high end multi channel system.
Also one can bridge the Intra for subwoofer applications with the TIDAL LPX technology. This way or another: the Intra offers true stereo excellence.

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- dual-stereo power amplifier with 4 amplification channels for three differrent modes
- stereo mode single-amping: each power supply powers one channel only

- 2 x 340 VA at 8 ohm
- 2 x 670 VA at 4 ohm

- dual stereo mode bi-amping: each power supply powers two channels

- 4 x 290 VA at 8 ohm
- 4 x 540 VA at 4 ohm

- dual mono mode for LF amplification: BTL mode per stereo module for low frequency applications, such as for the TIDAL LPX technology to drive TIDAL speakers bass-active.

- 2 x 1.180 VA at 8 ohm
- 2 x 1.900 VA at 4 ohm

- fully discrete front end amplifier
- completely DC coupled signal path from input to output stage (no capacitor in the whole signal path)
- 4 x XLR audio input
- TIDAL remote power on/off input
- performance protection: temperature, over-current, DC and HF
- Dimensions: 44cm x 13cm x 39cm / 17.3" x 5.1" x 15.3" (width x height x length)
- Weight: 27 lbs. / 12 kg

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