Tidal Prisma Preamplifier/Phonostage

Tidal Prisma Preamplifier/Phonostage

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Two ultra-high-end products in one chassis
The all new TIDAL Prisma. Transparency and invisibility at a new level. The Prisma does exactly two things only, and it does it in absolute perfection: selecting the source and adjusting the volume. It has to be experienced to understand the game changing way it does this. It takes itself acoustically completely out of the way between the source and the power amplifier.

The unique concept, the TIDAL pre amplifier topology itself and the execution of the complex multilayer PCB board are the inner heart piece for the unique performance. On top of all that the Prisma comes with our legendary fully balanced MC phono input. A line stage like no other, as always embedded into our timeless and iconic TIDAL cabinet and built in perfection.


power supply

- connection to power input: 3 silver air-core (silver tube) conductors with (Oyaide)connector, burnt in as complete cable-tree before assembling and being the only wires inside the preamp
- 3 x 25VA ring core transformers
- galvanic isolation between the control section (for the whole ADC processed level control) and the complete analogue part, divided into left and right
- all together 20 (twenty) separated linear regulated power voltages in total
- low noise power supply (left and right) for the analogue amplifier, directly embedded for shortest signal ways directly where it needs to be.

amplifier section

- the whole amp section is built from single parts selected and to each other balanced by hand (discrete match up)
- symmetrical amplifier design with only two solid state stages in the signal way
- low distortion and almost complete absence of a signature sound because of a complementary circuit topology, following the concept of the ideal for the shortest signal way, true balanced design in mirror-symmetrical layout onto a 4-layer PCB board

volume control

- 32 steps volume attenuator with noble-gas filled mini reed relays and super short signal ways fully balanced, means audio-plus and audio-minus do have their own level adjuster, no cascade compromises. This means no open contacts (to prevent corrosion/dust etc.), and only 1 (one) metal-film resistor in the signal way in the best (and direct) position between signal in and signal out
- Galvanic and optical isolated ADC control from an ALPS motor driven potentiometer to control the relay‘s itself, resolution adapted for each volume level (higher for lower levels, lower for higher levels)


- 3x true balanced inputs and 1 x MC phono input
- when the balanced input is turned off also the matching GND connection is in high resistance (100 Ohm) for reducing ground loop
- 2 x balanced output
- 2 x remote power on/off by RJ45 to power amplifiers on and off
- loop-thru mode free to configure to either input 1,2 or 3 for external AV processor home cinema embedding

phono module

- MC phono input, unique two-stage concept between the MC-board and the line-stage itself for the shortest possible signal way from cartridge to balanced output (to the power amp)
- phono heating for low distortions and perfect temperature of (sound)sensitive parts.
- fully balanced input impedance to be chosen by the rotary switch at the backside (ELMA precision switcher controlling mini-reed-relay direct in the circuit (from position 1 up to 12): 50, 80, 100, 130, 160, 200, 266, 330, 400, 570, 800, 2000 ohm)
- high-gain/ low-gain selector with a 10dB difference (also in sound)
- direct soldered connection to the main board by silver air core solid core wires

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voltage gain: 10 dB (line mode) 20 dB (phono mode)
bandwith: 1Hz - 350 kHz (-3 dB)
distortion: < 0.005%
noise: 100 dB (0.5 V output voltage)
input impedance: 10 kOhms
output impedance: < 40 Ohms
DC-coupled symmetrical MC-Class-A amplifier: voltage gain: 55 dB (at 1 kHz), noise: > 80 dB (0.5 mV input voltage), input impedance: 10 - 1.2 kOhms, output impedance: 150 Ohms
dimensions: 17.3" x 4,7" x 15,3" / 44 cm x 13 cm x 39 cm
weight: 70 lbs. / 32 Kg incl. packaging


"...it’s in a class that is reserved for the best of the best..."

"The sound was absolutely free of even the smallest amount of glare or glassiness. Any and all annoying extraneous texture – no matter how minute was magically buffed off of the music. All this smoove and expensive-sounding liquidity is coupled to a sense of detail and resolution of the tiniest fragments of sonic info (both tonal and dynamic). That kind of super-smooth yet mega detailed sound is a very powerful drug to those of us that fall prey to its grip.
....Then there are those rare components that seem to be essentially colorless but phenomenally pleasing in the way a recording is presented. Clean but not antiseptic. As an avowed vacuum tube and vinyl lover, the TIDAL Audio Prisma never came across in the slightest as dry or clinical sounding.
If an almost unmeasurable departure from perfect linearity is the design goal for achieving the most emotionally engaging listening enjoyment from a hi-fi component, the TIDAL Audio Prisma achieves that goal with the swag of Nate Robinson in an NBA slam dunk competition.
Plus it looks gorgeous. And it’s built to last a lifetime. WARNING: listening may be dangerous to your bank account and if you turn that volume knob it’s GAME OVER."

And the TIDAL Prisma is the first device getting the SUMMIT AWARD:

"The team talked about what to do with a product like the TIDAL Audio Prisma. In fact, it was so good, it exposed a rather large hole in our award system. But occasionally, we get a product in for review that not only amazes, it redefines for the review team what greatness means. What terms like “statement” and “reference” mean. Experiences like this reset the expectations for what is possible. These are, we believe, aspirational-level products. They’re likely not inexpensive — “End Game” products rarely are — and while that’s lamentable, that’s just life. Not everyone can afford a Bugatti — that’s why Corvettes exist–and one reason why we have a BEST VALUE award.
But for those products that aspire to greatness, for those products that open a door to vistas rarely seen, for those experiences that so far outstrip expectations that we were left speechless … well, we really had nothing. What we needed, clearly, was something different. A new award. We’re calling it the SUMMIT Award.
For us, that’s what the SUMMIT Award is all about. These products take you higher and reset the bar for what’s possible. Congratulations to TIDAL Audio." - Part Time Audiophile
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"The Prisma preamplifier and Ferios power amplifiers are among the best electronics I’ve heard. They combine a startling immediacy and transparency with a tonal beauty that simultaneously engages the head and the heart. Their resolution of individual instruments within complex arrangements was sensational."
Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound
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