Record Cleaning Applications

Record Cleaning  Applications

Want to clean and preserve your record library?'re in the right place!
GrooveWorks is very pleased and proud to offer to the Australian audiophile what we consider to be the cream of the world's record cleaning products.

First, LAST...
These scientifically developed goodies from The LAST Factory have been protecting and preserving precious vinyl grooves since the 1970s.
Power Cleaner specifically targets mold release agents present on the record surface while Record Preservative protects and preserves the grooves from shock wave fracturing for up to 200 plays - essential treatments, particularly for new records.

Introducing our New Line
AIVS Bottles
The award-winning and highly reviewed Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products were developed with the goal of offering a record cleaning product line that poses no risk of damage to either vinyl or shellac records, and that works well in removing a wide range of contaminants. All AIVS products work based on the principle of using purpose-designed enzyme compounds to gently and effectively dissolve record contaminants, including -

» protein-based contaminants
» bacterial growth
» record pressing release compounds

Research has shown that any number of contaminants present in the environment can reach the record surface and pollute it. This causes noisy playback and can sometimes lead to permanent record damage.

All AIVS formulas are mixed using only pure, laboratory-grade components, including the water product. Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Ultra-Pure Water is more than 50 times purer than distilled water, and is used in all of their record cleaning products. Research has found that to be highly effective, a record cleaning product must introduce no additional residue into the cleaning process. None of their products contain any type of detergent or lubricant which can affect sound and trap contaminants on the record.

Manual Record Cleaning Products

Record Cleaning Machine Products

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