SRM/Tech Silent Base – Thorens TD 160/165/166

SRM/Tech Silent Base – Thorens TD 160/165/166

Designed to replace the resonant hardboard base of these decks, the SB is made from rigid black 10mm Acrylic and uses black chromium spikes and spike dampers

Suspended sub-chassis decks need a solid, non-resonant base and spikes are the ideal support in this situation. Small rubber feet just do not allow the suspension to work properly. Acrylic is inherently non-resonant and is a superb material for a solid base board.

The Silent Base features three height adjustable spikes for easy levelling, and access cut-outs for spring adjustment and tone-arm wiring. On the Thorens model shown in the picture, the oversized cut-out for the tonearm wiring allows adjustment of the third spring - the LP12 springs are in a different position so this model has three holes for spring access plus the tonearm cut-out.

The spikes come complete with holders, should you not wish to mark the surface on which they stand. They also have damping rings fitted, made from the same superb material used in our Motor Vibration Absorbers. These tight fitting rings have a dual role. Firstly they reduce the amount of energy transmitted to the base, and secondly they stabilise any spike which has been adjusted from the 'fully screwed up' position - ensuring all spikes are solid and don't move. Fitting the base is a simple job, and it comes complete with the crosshead wood screws required.

Silent Base designer, Stuart Michell says “Make no mistake – the Silent Base will dramatically improve the sound of your deck... It has even amazed us – the decks sound better in every conceivable way - cleaner throughout the whole frequency spectrum, vastly reduced surface noise, better imaging etc. Although we expected sound quality gains, we never imagined a base board could improve the decks to this level!”

Apart from the sound quality gains, the Silent Base also has three side benefits - easy suspension adjustment, easy levelling and finally, it really does improve the look of the deck! NB. In the photo the front edge looks slightly curved - its not, of course, this is just lens distortion on the camera. This really is a beautifully made product - OK it's under the deck so you don't see it, but all the same - all the edges are polished (even the inside edges of the access cut-outs), the spike bases are recessed into the Acrylic and the screw holes are all recessed, so no screw heads are visible from the front.

"Enormous improvement to an LP12. A real quality item and an absolute bargain! " S.Z. (UK)

" Well I have finally got around to fitting the Silent Base to my Linn and because I had previously been using it without a base at all I wouldn't have thought it could make much difference to the sound, but to my amazement I was very wrong! There seemed to be more precision and clarity, then I took off the rubber damping rings which I had fitted before my first listening test and "yes" it was better still. I can't thank you enough. " B.G.R. (UK)

"Unbelievable upgrade. Like moving from Akito to Ekos arm for silly money. Buy it. " P.M. (UK)

"The timing has really tightened up, more and better bass and more detail. It has a really good 'bouncy' rhythmic sound that makes the music enjoyable and danceable. It seems to bring the best out of some of my scratchy old records as well as the good pressings. I am really impressed - my LP12 is not what you would describe as high-end, it's really old, with a Moth RB250 and Goldring 1042 cartridge - but the base has really made a difference. Even my wife (who thinks I imagine most of the differences in sound) admitted to being able to hear the difference :) Thanks again." W.C. (UK)

"Excellent item, would recommend this to all Thorens owners without a doubt." R.B. (UK)

"Thanks. Excellent build. Very happy. " P.W. (UK) Thorens owner

"Easy to fit. Access to springs a bonus. Real difference in isolation. " J.L. (Australia).

" Your acrylic base board for the LP12 is phenomenal, hence I want this too (Acrylic Platter Mat) " M.P. (Ireland)

'Great product, excellent packaging, clear instructions - smooth! ' M.M. (UK)

'Amazing improvement!!! ' S.C. (Portugal) Thorens TD160 Owner

'The increase in Bass clarity is enormous. Going a lot deeper and clean as a whistle. ' G.L. (UK) LP12 Owner

'The results are wonderful. The Silent Base makes that I have a new LP12 with more musicality, space, precision and so on....... It's a real bargain and I don't regret this deal. Thank you very much again ' D.N. (France)

' There is a definite improvement in the overall soundstage, which I find to be much tighter & clearer, which is probably due to the elimination of resonance caused by the original base ' C.L. (UK) LP12 Owner

'The improvement the base has made to my TD160S is nothing short of miraculous! ' J.C. (Greece)

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