Audiophile CD Duplication from CD Illumination

Audiophile CD Duplication from CD Illumination

Vivify Your CD Sound!
(Vivify: give life to; animate; enliven; brighten; sharpen; clarify)

Jitter and CD Sound - It's Not the Only Culprit!
It has long been known by a few audiophiles and audio engineers that when a copy of a commercial CD is made, the sound of the copy is often better than the original.

“But how can this be?” is often asked when a digital copy must have the same bits and bytes as the original. Working with zeros and ones, it may seem irrational to suggest that an improvement can be made. However, there are many factors that will influence the ability of your CD player to accurately and smoothly read the digitally encoded music on the CD. The information may be there but how well can your CD player read it and convert it to sound? The actual CD can be the major bottleneck to great fidelity sound.

It has been thought that jitter is the problem with the so called "CD Sound", however, CD Illumination has made substantial improvements in factors other than jitter reduction to improve the sound of the CD. These improvements were in addition to those of jitter reduction and factor independently. CD Illumination implements every possible and verifiable improvement into the copy process to achieve the greatest fidelity improvement.

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