Telos Quantum Resonator Conditioner (QRC)

Telos Quantum Resonator Conditioner (QRC)

A power conditioner like no other.
This conditioner automatically runs a demagnetization process every 15 minutes, ensuring that 'sound-destroying' magnetic fields are constantly being controlled.

Manufacturer's description:
Telos began to conceive a new POWER CONDITIONER, and the design team considered each element of the HI END power processor:Circuit architecture, amperage limit, Physical technology, Materials science, Phase correction, Magnetic field integration, and Resonance control.

The most mature QUANTUM technology, since we created Telos: Parts select process, Materials science (Graphene, Rare Earth, Far Infrared) / QNR- Phase correction and noise canceling / QMT- Broadband average magnetic field / QBT- Broadband burning conductor perfectly combined. Finally, we make the achievement of QUANTUM RESONATOR CONDITIONER!
Ultimate Reference

The circuit symbolizes mature technology and uncompromised materials application of Telos. Different from previous products, each element of QRC which uses the most advanced materials.

The goal is to challenge the highest achievement of power processing products – Change QNR’s classic circuit to DIP part design!

For the pursuit of greater current transmission and more human timbre performance. Using 3mm thickened fiber circuit board and 24k gold, 5µm pure gold circuit board!

This means that QRC can provide the transmission of the most complete lossless current with the largest bandwidth, the purest magnetic field, the smallest Chassis resonance. Current output or phase operation it will not cause loss and deterioration of sound quality due to some links.

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Quantum Resonator Conditioner

You can enjoy the following technology:

1. TELOS V3.1, Part screening single-oriented logic, let circuit have the minimum internal impedance, maximum circuit dynamics

2. QRC adopts QNR’s mature phase correction technology, redesigned and adjusted to featured plugin part circuit, increase the circuit to minimize its dynamic losses, customized Danish Duelund capacitor, and choose a more accurate resonance IC chip, make it have the accurate active phase compensation.

3. QBT Conductor over-frequency technology, , QRC related metal parts (wiring, fuse, AC seat, socket) both are burning through 0-100 kHz broadband. Trying to reduce the internal resistance of the related power path, make the power transmission have the best bandwidth. Most of all, ABL socket which used QBT up to 42 days-999 hours of the ultimate burning specification.

4. QMT- Broadband average magnetic field, located in the main circuit core of QRC, corresponding to QNR core module, the program initiates0 0-100khz broadband average magnetic field every fifteen minutes, making QRC a unique sound-clear quality!

5. While assembling all the lock points details of the power supply. We used the Japan KANON DTDK-n50ex electronic service Torque screwdriver, use the precise characteristics with an error value of only 0.005. Control the torque of all the lock points to reduce the effects of contact impedance changes.

6. All materials of active circuit board are according to QUANTUM X2 Tuning specification, through two times of -196°C ultra-low temperature cold treatment-36hr (be separated by 12hr each times), dispersing electronic parts welding stress. Average distribution of the solder’s molecular. Make the DIP circuit working more smoothly.

7. TELOS QUANTUM materials- Graphene/Rare Earth/Far Infrared negative ion ore exclusive formula, generating 75-800 cpm far infrared radiation to illuminate the QRC board and IC fuses continuously. Much better for electronic parts’ optimized performance.

8. The whole machine adopts 6061 aerospace aluminum material, which is produced by CNC for 72 hours, and the integrated molding case weighs 16KG, it minimized the negative influence of vibration.

Dimensions and weight:

Length:41 cm
Width:24 cm
Height:10.5 cm

Packaged dimensions

Length:55 cm
Width:42 cm
Height:31 cm

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