AIVS Super Cleaner Formula 1000ml

AIVS Super Cleaner Formula 1000ml

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This formula is designed to work as the second cleaning step, after the Enzymatic Formula
The enzyme content in the Super Cleaner Formula targets specific contaminants not addressed by the Enzymatic Formula. Other formulary components of the Super Cleaner Formula resist the reattaching of contaminants to the record and cause these dissolved contaminants to rise near the top of the fluid layer on the record for easier removal, either by hand or vacuum.

This formula contains a small amount of laboratory-grade Isopropanol to perform a specific cleaning interaction with the enzyme content. If you do not desire the use of Isopropanol, please read about our Premium Archivist Formula

As with the Enzymatic Formula, the Super Cleaner Formula works best when the surface of the record is thoroughly coated with a layer of fluid and the enzyme content is allowed time to loosen and dissolve the contaminants that are present on the record.

Super Cleaner formula is offered in both 500ml and 1 litre sizes.

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