Baden Powell - Solitude On Guitar (180gram)

Baden Powell - Solitude On Guitar (180gram)

Columbia C 32441
"Solitude On Guitar" - Baden Powell (arr, g, voc); Joaquim Paes Henriques (dr), Eberhard Weber (b)

Baden Powell belongs to the small circle of guitarists whose early virtuosity is perfectly combined with a keen sense of harmony. Powell demonstrates this special talent in his slow numbers in particular, in which broken chords are developed like a bud opening out to a blossom.

He guides the listener cautiously through his melodies in that he makes a tiny pause before a harmonic change. Full timbre and lightness are not a question of what is written down on the manuscript but result from a powerful performance, as is shown by the totally un-Brazilian, gentle major-minor key version of the children’s song "Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen".

Naturally, the wonderfully crafted, animated and bouncy bossas flow along easily. As befits the album’s title, the guitar is in the limelight here, driven on, held back, and then propelled forward by the rhythm group. The ballad "Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce" is strongly recommended to whet your appetite for the bossa "Na Gafieira Do Vidigal".

Recording: December 1971 by Torsten Wintermeir at Studio Walldorf, Germany
Production: Joachim Ernst Berendt

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