Cable Burn-In Service

Cable Burn-In Service

NEW! A cable burn-in service using the world's most advanced machine, the TELOS Quantum Burning Technology Cable Run-In Machine (QBT) for audiophiles who want to achieve maximum performance from their cables.

Cable burn-in significantly improves performance, something that serious audiophiles know very well. Having one's cables refreshed with an 24 hr, 48 hr or 72 hr burn-in is quite commonplace in the Asian market for example, where audio enthusiasts are fully aware of the fact that playing music for years and years can never achieve what this machine can deliver.
Regardless of the price of the cable, its true potential will only be revealed after a burn-in cycle on TELOS' state-of-the-art QBT.

Don't believe it?
As an introductory offer to convince the Australian market of the sonic benefits of cable burn-in, we will burn in your first cable (or pair) for free! (Limited time only)
To take advantage of this offer call 0414 755 960.
Sydney customers please call 0425 339 606.

Going on holiday for a week or two?

That's an ideal time to send your cables for burn-in. Call 0414 755 960.
Sydney customers please call 0425 339 606.

Click here to read the Manufacturer's description and history of QBT Technology.

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The machine we use is the latest version, QBT V5.1 (pictured above) the most advanced machine of this type in the world.

The TELOS QBT can burn in the following cables:
- AU Power Cables
- US Power Cables
- RCA Interconnect Cables
- XLR Interconnect Cables
- RCA to RCA Phono Cables
- XLR to XLR Phono Cables
- DIN to RCA Phono Cables
- DIN to XLR Phono Cables
- USB Type A -B Interconnect Cables
- BNC Cables
- Speaker Cables

Cable Burn-In Pricing: (For single cables like power cables or pairs, like ICs or SCs)
24 hour burn-in - $40
48 hour burn-in - $55
72 hour burn-in - $70

Want to know more? Call 0414 755 960.

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