Dynavector P-75 MK4 Phono Preamplifier

Dynavector P-75 MK4  Phono Preamplifier

The Dynavector P75 Phono Stage is a unique Phono stage with many outstanding features that ensure the P75 will outperform other phono stages costing considerably more

DV P75 mk4

- Ultra-low noise MC/MM circuitry
- Extremely accurate RIAA equalisation – unmatched in any production phono amplifier
- Patented PE circuit designed by Dr Tominari
- All conventional MM, MI and high and low output MC cartridges catered for
- Fully user adjustable, no additional components or soldering required
- New: completely redesigned ultra-low noise power supply – noise virtually unmeasurable
- New: fully electrically isolated from incoming power supply
- New: high current line drivers for driving long interconnects and/or difficult loads
- New: more loading options including capacitor loading for MM
- Now made “in-house” on our new surface mount production line for outstanding quality.

The P75 also includes the patent PE (phono enhancing) circuit designed by Dr Tominari to dramatically improve the performance of low output moving coil cartridges.
A simple arrangement of jumper settings allows all conventional, MC, MM and MI, high and low output cartridges to be catered for. The P75 also has an advanced power supply that operates from a conventional 12V AC to DC adaptor. This adaptor has absolutely no bearing on the sound quality.

The P75 mk4 introduces a new ultra-­low noise power supply that is electrically isolated from the input power. It takes the low grade single voltage DC supply from the AC adapter and converts it to dual high voltages required for true professional quality audio reproduction. Power supply noise is virtually unmeasurable. The P75 does not have any mains frequency or other low frequency components in the power supply and so hum problems that plague conventional phono amplifiers are eliminated.
The mk4 P75 includes more custom made high precision components, specialty solder, that together with the new “zero noise” power supply and high current line drivers provide a noticeable performance upgrade over all previous models.

There are several more adjustments/settings available including adjustable capacitor loading for MM cartridges.
The mk4 has a new look! The appearance and build quality has been substantially improved. The mk4 is about 25% larger than previous versions.

Price includes the ac power adapter, high quality and fully Australian approved.

Free shipping within Australia

Please note: This product can not be sold outside of Australia

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