Funk Firm Houdini Cartridge Decoupler

Funk Firm Houdini Cartridge Decoupler

Is this actually the next step in Analog?
Funk introduces Houdini. Derived from AK1, Arthur’s statement arm, Houdini is a decoupler with high dynamic stability.

A decoupler? Three years of analysis and modelling showed that “best practise” of firmly bolting cartridge-to-arm is completely wrong. With arm and cartridge “as-one”, each time you change the arm, the sound changes. Thus, all arms influence the cartridge. We can’t ever win…and certainly to date we haven’t. (That being the case, then using 3 bolts is even worse) If only we could remove the arm’s effects and support the cartridge correctly, that would leave only the sound of the cartridge.

How? Enter Houdini. In its tiny volume just 6mm deep is a patented suspension system plus a “torsion-tether”. The result? Unparalleled isolation. With Houdini “The problem you never knew you had” disappears. Houdini has actually freed the genie.

Manufacturer's description:
"The reward is more information, better fidelity, better sound. The differences are immediate and they’re not subtle. In Hi-Fi speak we can say: More Pace / Better Mid clarity / Blacker space / Greater Dynamics / Bass attack…yada… Or, simply, it just sounds “Right”.

You’ll find you’re pulling out record after record. How are we so confident? Because we’re still pulling our records out ourselves! “Bad” records, are no longer “bad”, just produced differently. This makes more sense, after all producers were happy with the sound they created. Why and how did it go wrong? It can only be at the replay end.

Cross-referencing on Linns, Projects, Reed, Rega P1- P10, Schroeder, SL1200s, SME 30, Thorens, VPI, etc., the results were consistent. These benefits couldn’t be recreated any other way. The improvement is at a fundamental level. £300.

Houdini delivers on all arms, not just high-end. Hear what it does to P1 or Debut, it’s revelatory.

Houdini brings the master tape closer, hence why we call it “The next step in analogue”"

Read the instructions and set-up guide here

Please Note: There are two versions. Please select the version for your particular cartridge, either 'Screw To' or 'Screw Through'.
Suitable for cartridge weights in the range of 5-12 grams.

Read the Hi-Fi+ review here

Watch a video showing how to mount a Houdini to a Rega Turntable here
Watch a video showing how to mount Houdini to a threaded headshell here
Watch a video showing how to mount a Houdini to a threaded cartridge here

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