Kimber PBJ - 1.0m / UltraPlate RCA

Kimber PBJ - 1.0m / UltraPlate RCA

PBJ has become a classic with performance that continues to be unmatched by competing cables.Tonally balanced with clear, articulate highs, accurate midrange, tight extended bass, and three dimensional soundstaging are common descriptions echoed by surprised reviewers and satisfied customers.

The highly acclaimed PBJ interconnect exhibits simple, elegant construction incorporating proven tri-braid field geometry, Varistrand™, Hyper-pure copper conductors and extruded Teflon™ dielectric.

PBJ single-ended features UltraPlate™ RCA type connector. PBJ Balanced features "studio grade" XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts.
Price shown is for a pair of interconnects.


*NOTE: Picture showing PBJ fitted with WBT RCAs is for illustrative purposes only.

PBJ Features:

• Extruded Teflon™ insulation
• UltraPlate RCA's
• 3 Hyper-pure copper conductors
• Balanced version with XLRs (no extra cost)

Price is for 0.75m length.

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