SPEC AP-UD1 Platter Mat

SPEC AP-UD1 Platter Mat

A Platter Mat made of the same material as the record master disc
Yes, it's expensive...but this, by a huge margin, is the best platter mat we have ever used at GrooveWorks.

When making a vinyl record, the master disc that cuts the original sound uses a material called a lacquer board, that's composed of a combination of thin aluminum plate and lacquer. SPEC has processed this lacquer board and released it as a Platter Mat.
Because it has the same structure as the vinyl master, it has a high affinity with the vinyl. Firstly, this will reduce the vibration of the platter and enhance quietness.
Secondly, the AP-UD1 Platter Mat reproduces a more realistic tone by moderating hardness and resistance, improving the conduction characteristics to the stylus as compared with rubber mats etc.
AP-UD1 is also supplied with the SPEC super class turntable system GMP-8000 as standard equipment.

The surface of the mat is processed twice by sandblast. In the first process, sand particles are blown and scraped off. The second time, the mat is given a more detailed surface treatment.

"The AP-UD1 is the first record mat that I've tried that I thought sounded better than a nude platter, and a lot better at that, preserving every last little bit of texture and nuance that my softer mats seemed to rob from an album. I really like it."
- Jeff Day - Jeff's Place
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Five turntable mats: An audiophile shootout
"...it was by far the most revealing, and human sounding of all the mats."
- Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile.
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