TELOS Gold-Plated Quantum BNC Cap (1 pcs)

TELOS Gold-Plated Quantum BNC Cap (1 pcs)

Limited quantity manufactured due to high customer demand.
TELOS, world leaders in tuning technology, offer their high quality, 24K gold-plated BNC Caps, which will greatly enhance your listening experience.
Quite frankly, any open port on a component is allowing musical energy to escape. Hear the improvement with Telos Caps installed. Guaranteed.

These RCA caps are not only covers to keep out dust, but installation can improve performance as well.

Each TELOS quantum protective cap has completed a 140 hour tuning process!

- The best effective material to isolate EMI and RF noise absorption
- The best 24 carat gold-plating techniques
- Completely fit over unused connectors, protect them from oxidation, dust and corrosion.
- Pure Teflon inside, the best material for isolation.
- Suggested run-in time: 50 hours.

These caps are not only covers...they will quite possibly be the best stereo accessories you will find.

One Cap per box.
Price is for 1 pcs.

Free shipping within Australia

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