Well Tempered Lab Amadeus Jr

Well Tempered Lab Amadeus Jr

'New music from your records'
"Amadeus reaches stratospheric heights of performance at a moderate price" - The Absolute Sound.

TAS Recommended Component

Well Tempered Lab is back! The original designer, former aerospace engineer William Firebaugh, has created a new improved version of his famous turntable and tone arm.
The Amadeus is truly the bargain of the analogue world. Unmatched performance, nothing comes close.

* Turntable and 10.5" Tone Arm
* Zero clearance "frictionless" table bearing
* No arm bearing!
* No feedback - lowest record noise
* Unmatched tonal stability
* No constant tuning or adjustment required
* 2-layer MDF plinth
( Aluminium plinth version available, refer Amadeus GTa $4475.00 - View here )
* Includes unique isolation feet

William Firebaugh's design philosophies

"The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus range of turntables are designed and built with one goal in mind; maximum enjoyment from your analogue record collection.Our unique designs, most of which are patent registered let nothing stand in the way of you and your music. Our approach, which may on the face of it seem simplistic is in fact the reverse and has taken countless hours of research and thinking outside the square. For instance, whilst many manufacturers labor endlessly to design the perfect tonearm bearing, we just eliminate it!

Our unique tone arm features a fully internally damped aluminum tube and a precision made golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for perfect damping.

Our acrylic platter spins in a Zero Clearance bearing rather like a round peg in a square hole, coupled with our unrivaled .004mm polyester thread belt ensuring vanishingly low wow and flutter figures; in fact the lowest we have ever measured.

Your cartridge will get the ride of it's life!"

- William Firebaugh

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Incredible value. This turntable includes...
- fully damped 10.5" tonearm
- unique isolation feet
- stylus pressure gauge
- strobe

See www.welltemperedlab.net for more information.

What are the reviewers saying about it?

"Firebaugh’s substitution of brains for money.... carries this design a very long way towards perfect."

"As high-end turntables go, the Amadeus is inexpensive. And it offers so much of the optimum performance possible at any price that one can only think of it as a wild bargain. In fact, there are important aspects of performance that I think would be hard to equal elsewhere and perhaps impossible to exceed. Certainly no tonearm has a quieter bearing than pure damping, for example. And the quiet of the platter bearing is also essentially total. One could spend a lot more money, but I would listen carefully to the Amadeus first. It is something exceeding fine, far beyond its modest price." - Robert E Greene,The Absolute Sound, April 25 2009.

"...the Amadeus sounds better than any turntable I've heard."

"So how does it compare? I’d take the Amadeus without a moment’s thought against any Linn I’ve heard (and I note that the entire turntable and tonearm costs less than Linn’s Keel upgrade). It’s also a leap ahead of the VPI Scout that has been spinning vinyl here for the past year or so." - Michael Jones, AudioEnz December 2008.

Phone 0414 755 960

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Well Tempered Lab
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