Well Tempered Lab Versalex/LTD

Well Tempered Lab Versalex/LTD

Been waiting for a Well Tempered Lab turntable with tonearm cueing?
The wait's over...

The Veralex achieves astonishingly low noise and wow & flutter.

- Zero clearance "frictionless" table bearing
- No arm bearing!
- No feedback - lowest record noise
- Unmatched tonal stability
- No constant tuning or adjustment required
- Baltic ply plinth.
- Includes unique squash-ball feet
- Arm cueing device

The Versalex is the latest refinement of William Firebaugh's original brilliant design.

Versalex uses a small dc motor and is driven by a torque servo designed by William Firebaugh. The motor is mounted to the plinth and is very effectively mechanically decoupled by a ring of isolation material. The combination of belt, motor, motor drive electronics, and isolation results in low flutter and wow.

The LTD tone-arm used on the Versalex, like all WTL arms, does not have a bearing in the normal sense. Many tone-arm bearings use high quality ball bearings that have clearances in the low micron range. However, that is where all the action takes place. The Versalex bearing has zero clearance and very high damping for unrivaled performance. The tone-arm uses a golf ball partially immersed in high viscosity silicone fluid to provide the damped, zero clearance bearing. The degree of damping is easily adjustable.

Tracking force and skating movement are instantaneously and dynamically adjusted according to the demands of the music.
The Versalex employs a Teflon thrust bearing. The stainless steel spindle has a precision point and rests in a small hole in the Teflon thrust bearing to achieve very low noise.

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So what are people saying about it?

CES & THE Show 2012 • Best of Show - The Audio Beat

"...it was the analog source that captivated most. Its sound was relaxed, natural and effortless but immaculately timed and tonally inspiring. While mortgage-busting systems dominated CES, few achieved the same degree of sonic beauty as this more modest one."
- The Audio Beat, on the Well Tempered Versalex and LTD tonearm at CES 2012

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