Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner

Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner

A high-purity, high performance cleaner that is safe and effective for use on all optical discs, including CDs, SACDs, XRCDs, HDCDs, DVDs, and data CDs and DVDs

Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner does not contain any type of "conditioner" or "treatment", but is simply a residue-free cleaner.

It is noteworthy that Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner comes in a large 4 ounce bottle. Other products near the same price are only 2 ounces in size. Also, the drying cloth that is supplied with Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner is a full 12 inches by 12 inches in size! This cloth is a high quality 3M® Micro Fibre cloth.

All of this makes Listener Select Optical Disc Cleaner the best disc cleaning value on the market.

Review: “As a CD cleaner, Listener Select was quite impressive, removing the mixture of common household substances on my test CD without breaking a sweat. But does it actually improve sound? The difference was slight but consistent: Cleaning CDs with Listener Select seemed to remove a bit of sonic grunge and distortion from the midrange, so the music sounded clearer and was easier to listen to. Because Listener Select does a great job cleaning optical-disc surfaces, comes with a large cleaning cloth that works very well, is easy to use, and has the lowest price per ounce in the group of cleaners evaluated, recommending it for cleaning gunk off your discs is a no-brainer."
–Vade Forrester, Soundstage!, May 2008. Read the entire review by clicking here .

LISTENER Select Optical Disc Treatment:

4 oz bottle + 3M® Micro Fibre cloth.

Listener Select
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