LAST CD / DVD Cleaner and Treatment

LAST CD / DVD Cleaner and Treatment

This exclusive formula cleans dirt and fingerprints, repairs minor scratches, and most importantly, it polishes the surface of the disc, improving the optical quality and allowing for more accurate reading of the data

The same polishing action makes it much more difficult for dirt and fingerprints to stick to the surface.
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"From the very first tabla beat, the difference was once again hit-you-over-the-head apparent, a new lease on life for a tired old recording. Prior to the LAST misting, ambient data appeared compressed and murky. Post-spray, the cobwebs lifted, the layer of gunk and grit vanished to make things sound bigger, lighter and more energetic.

The verdict thus far was plain: When used as a maintenance tool akin to cleaning records, the LAST spray clearly worked exactly as advertised, the magnitude of improvement apparently contingent on build-up of contaminants on a CD's surface.

[With new CDs] I observed the same fine sharpening of outlines and overall suspicion that things had gotten louder - though not as much as with the prior examples. This suggested that the LAST spray acted not merely as cleaner but also optical enhancer. It did its aural cleansing even on surfaces that were virgin and unspoiled.

LAST also lived up to its claim to minimize scratches and abrasions. The ruined CD unequivocally sounded better post-treatment than before, though the scratches were every bit as visible to the naked eye. The miracle LAST couldn't accomplish was to make the repaired disc sound as good as the normal one - which, to be blunt, would clearly be expecting the impossible.

I won't hesitate for one wimpy second to proclaim the LAST CD/DVD Cleaner/ Treatment as delivering exactly on its promise, for a price that seems eminently fair. Give it a shot - I don't see how you could lose."

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LAST CD / DVD Cleaner & Treatment:

1 oz spray bottle with optical polishing cloth.

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